Info for Partcipating Vendors

Hello all !!!!  The fourth annual Gift Sale on December 9th will take place at 406 Main St Rosendale 12472 (in the storefront in front of the “Big Cheese”,cheese shop).  You will need to bring your own table/chairs. We can set up at 9 am and clean up from 6-7 pm. Please bring your $10 fee with you to give to us to pay for the space the day of the sale or send it to Jesse Scherer.  (For privacy reasons, I will not list the mailing address here.  Please email Jesse for the address).

The MaMa sale will be 10-6 on the 17th of December. The fee is $10 for each vendor and you will need to bring your own table/chairs. We can set up at 9 am and clean up from 6-7 pm. The address is 3588 Main St. (route 209) in Stone Ridge. There are some different size spaces, the bigger ones could fit about 6’x4′ table. To reserve your spot please send a check made out to Kristen Linardakis.  (For privacy reasons I will not list the mailing address here.  Please email Teal for the address). 


All of us (the participants/ vendors) are responsible for spreading the word among family, friends, co-workers, etc.  Those of us who are organizing the sale are contacting local newpapers, magazines, etc., to get our event into their calenders, or to get bigger write-ups.  When we have a flyer made up, we will email it to you, and you can print out as many as you want, and put them up.  This is a very homegrown event, so it is up to us to get the word out.   In it’s fourth year, growing from six artists setting up shop in a small apartment on Main St in Rosendale to 15 (smaller sale dec 9th ) and 28 (larger sale dec 17th ) participating artists.  

~from Jesse Scherer and Teal Linardakis 

Click here for printable flyers:


10 responses to “Info for Partcipating Vendors

  1. are there still openings for vendors?

  2. Are there still openings for vendors, please contact me at 518-332-9251 if there is. I do have my own tables and setup.


  3. Hi Claudia and Deanna. Thank you so much for your interest in the Winter Gift Sale. The event on December 9th is closed to vendors. That date filled up pretty quick. I am not sure if there are any spots left on December 17th, but I will relay your message to the Teal Linardakis who is the coordinator. Also, what types of items do you make?

  4. Hi. I am also interested in knowing if there are any available vendor spots left. I make poetry books, zines, comic books, framed photographs, etc. Thanks!

  5. we make soaps-We have already spoken with Teal and are planning on the 17th

  6. Hi Claudia! Great, I’ll see you on the 17th. 🙂

    Annie, I’m contacting Teal to see if there is anymore space.


  7. Hi!
    I realize it’s a bit late, but I’m wondering if you still have any space open?

    I make jewelry, primaraly with semiprecious stones.

    Thank you!

    Robin Marie

  8. Hi there Robin Marie! You’re from Etsy like me!!! The 9th is definitely fully booked. I am pretty sure that there are no more spaces for the 17th, but I’ll check one last time. I’ll send you a “convo.” ~Kelli (KELLIOPE handmade nyc)

  9. *** Ok folks, all of the vendor spaces for both dates have been fully booked. There is a waiting list just in case a spot opens up. Even if you can’t sell at this year’s Winter Gift Sale, please stop by and check it out, network, say hi, etc. We’ll keep your info for next year. And yes, we will try to procure a bigger space, b/c this event is growing by leaps and bounds. Thank you sincerely for your interest! ***

  10. Hi there.

    My name is Hans Berg, also known as Bob from Sweden. I’m just wondering if the Teal Linardakis mentioned here is my old Europe-travelling friend, mother of Jeremy…
    If so, she’s very very welcome to contact me at

    all the best


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